The MoneyMakers Rallye

Money! If you don’t have it, you want it. If you do have it, you want it even more. However, don’t think you can stack it in a safe until you’re able to dive right into it and take a swim. Regardless of the broken bones, money that just sits around is useless money. There is one golden rule: invest! Grow your wealth! Be the fastest, the smartest, the happiest and the most beautiful out of all the elites. Go on a journey across Europe and try to make the most out of it. But be careful. Money attracts envy, burglars and thieves, especially Sir Clepton. To stay at the top, you must always be one step ahead of him and your competitors. Welcome to The MoneyMakers Rallye!

The MoneyMakers Rallye is a crazy turn-based race through Europe with the goal of becoming the richest! A destination city is drawn at each stage. The first player to reach the destination city will receive the prize money!

Collect or buy valuable cards by reaching specific fields. Use them tactically and get game-deciding advantages, make yourself unpopular with your opponents or just make for a little chaos.
Don’t miss an opportunity to get ahead of your rivals!

Invest in new properties in each city to increase your income or try your luck at BlackJack or Roulette on the Casino field. After each completed stage, all players can also try their luck at the lottery.
So don’t worry if things don’t go so well – the tide can turn at any time!

But be careful while travelling – Sir Clepton is lurking, and is definitely up to no good. He has a liking for globetrotters and slowpokes. So hurry up and make sure you’re not the furthest from the finish line when the round ends!

Grab your friends, preferably the ones you want to hate you, make yourself comfortable on the couch and let the race begin!

Play local and online, or both at the same time
Up to 6 Players, including computer players
98 cities in 50 countries where you can invest your money
42 playable cards + 7 Upgrades + lots of random Events